How to access Fiverrpal after purchasing

Please visit and sign up using the email you used to purchase otherwise your email will not be whitelisted.

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    Alok Srivastava
    Hi Nathan,
    I have purchased Fiverrpal on 21st Oct through  Mike Mackey's affiliate link. 
    Paypal Transaction id- OWH70720WG9426250 
    DATE: 21-10-2020

    And the purchase was made through his affiliate link sent to me by him but somehow it didnt go back to my warrior plus account after the purchase was made. I still don't have any record of it in my warrior plus account.
    The products was bought over and payment was made by my Paypal account and after that it directly went to the membership page.  How is it possible, I don't know. Why I  dont have any record of purchase in my warrior plus account.
    Pl check Mike Mackey's affiliate link BELOW and I went to sales page of FIVERR  after clicking the same, and then it went directly to Paypal page rather than going though my warrior plus account. I wonder, how this is possible. Then I was directed to membership page of fiverrpal.
    There must to some technical issue and do the needful. I purchased thru because I was more interested in his huge bonuses list but now I don't know how to access them as you are saying now that purchase was not made thru Mike's affiliate link.
    Pl look in to this matter and create a record also in my warrior plus account for purchase of FIVERRPAL and also Mike's affiliate bonus links.
    Looking forward to your cooperation.
    Thanks & Regards
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