My Social Jacker Campaign is not showing

If your social jacker campaign is not showing there are a few things you should check


#1 check you have the correct domain in the setup tab of your campaign, it should match the domain you have your social jacker campaign deployed on


#2 check that if your site forces "www.", that is if it redirects to then you need to include www. in the campaign setup domain field


#3 if you are using the cloaking feature check that the site you are cloaking allows iframes (see the end of the deployment tutorial for details on this)


#4 if you are using wordpress double check the instructions in the deployment tutorial. If you arent cloaking you should use the code snippet in a text widget, if you are cloaking you should use our cloaking plugin. Both of these steps are covered in the deployment tutorial so make sure you watch that carefully.


If none of the above works please submit a ticket

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    Don't count on this working at all. I have 3 tickets in over at FanMarketer about very basic functions and no response. I did buy this product as well but seems that the support on very basic application features is lacking. 

    If you do purchase this, which to me is amazingly cool, then perhaps not buy FN as is suggested in the strategy section of the tutorials. It simply doesn't work (or at least for me at the moment) and support is non existent from what I can tell.

    All the best


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    I totally agree already sent 2 tickets and there is no response. I really like the Idea of this software social jacker but If it doesn't work what is the point.




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    Carl Mayfield

    Do you all even support Social Jacker anymore with the new FAcebook changes?

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