Fetch pages isnt working. The circle keeps spinning forever.

If there is an issue with the fetch pages button not working, where the circle spins forever after clicking the button, and nothing is ever returned, this is usually because of a problem caused by a security and/or a redirect plugin you have installed.

Sometimes security plugins prevent access to plugin script files and when the you press the "fetch pages" button the script cannot run.

Similair issues happen if you have any redirect plugins installed, such as custom 404 "page not found" redirect plugins.

I recommend you try disabling any security or redirect plugins you may have installed one by one and try the fetch pages button each time until it works.

If you try this and it doesnt work please get back to us and we will help. But we need to do this process first.

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    I have a problem with Fetch pages button. I se it under a multi blog and I think it does not support wp multiblogs. When I click it says Done but brings nothing. Can you add multiblog support.

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    Joanne Libby

    Could you please provide a list of some of the popular plugins known to cause this problem?  I have disabled everything I thought might be involved and still can't get results.  I use several WPMU plugins - known issues there?  What about Askimet?  Thanks.

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    Peter Brooke

    request submitted some time ago re Fetch pages isnt working. The circle keeps spinning forever would u like to email me please at  amgmigration@yahoo.com

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    Sherman E Sweeney

    So you need a Word Press to make this work Fan Page if so I need a Refund

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