The plugin isn't posting comments. Nothing in my log.

If the plugin is successfully creating your facebook posts, (ie there are entries in your scheduler), but there is nothing in your log, it is most likely a cron job problem.

If you are having a problem with your cron job, we first of all recommend trying the alternative cron command in the plugin settings page.

if this doesnt work and you still have issues, we recommend you contact your webhost. Our cron jobs commands work on 95% of webservers but some hosts require unique commands. If you contact your webhost with your cron command from the plugin settings page. They should be able to set it up for you, so it will work on their webserver.

If  you have no cron service at all, we suggest you try a third party cron service, such as

Finally if none of these options work for you, or you are still having any issues let us know and we can try and help further.

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    Kareem Gamal

    The log exist, so I guess the cron job run, but no comments on the post?!

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    Roberto S

    I am having exactly the same problem The log exist but not comments on the post. please help?

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    Tyler Odenthal
    Edited by Tyler Odenthal
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