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First of all please make sure Wordpress is fully up to date.

Also most issues can be fixed by updating your plugin.

We release a lot of updates, particularly soon after launch, sometimes even several in one day.

So please make sure your plugin is fully up to date before submitting a ticket.

To do this go to your list of installed plugins in your wordpress dashboard.

Then next to your plugin you will see a link saying "check for updates", please click this link to check you have the most up to date version, and then update if required.

if you cant activate the plugin to update it through wordpress, please try deleting it, then re- download the  the plugin download page and install that. This will also update the plugin for you

Next try to see if any of the other WP 1 Click Traffic articles on this knowledge base can resolve your issue.

Many common issues can be resolved by following the instructions in them

If you do already have the most up to date version and its still not working, or you cant figure out how to update, please submit a ticket with your wordpress login details and we will look into it further for you.

We'll need:

Your wordpress site URL
admin username
admin password

If you dont feel comfortable giving out your currrent admin login, please consider creating a new temporary one for me to use but please ensure it has full admin rights.

Please try and be as detailed as possible in describing your issue, We need as much info as possible to be able to help. Screenshots are often a very good way of describing what is going wrong.

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