Facebook banned my app

If you got a message from Facebook about your app being banned..

Don't worry this is almost certainly just your old app that you had created for the old fan marketer domain.

You may be aware we had customers abusing the app to do really bad things against facebook tos, so we had to make changes to make sure that couldnt happen again. This included moving the app to a new location.

If you check you should see that any app that you created since we moved domains is working fine and so is fan marketer. (If you have not created a new app yet, please read the section below)

The only thing we would like you to do is to go to your "settings" area and click "save" and then click "auth facebook" again.

Then go to each of your campaigns and go to the "setup" section and click "save" below your selected page. This will just doubly make sure that all of your campaigns are saved with the new access tokens for your new app on the new domain and that you wont have any problems.


If you have not logged into the new fan marketer location yet...


As you may be aware due to some issues we had with customers abusing fan marketer we had to pause all campaigns over the weekend.

The troublesome customers have now been banned and we have worked hard to redevelop the app to make sure this cannot happen again.

Im glad to say the changes are now in place and you can access fan marketer and start using all your campaigns.

As part of the changes we made we have moved Fan Marketer to this new location. Please login at fanmarketer.net and you will be directed to it.

All your campaigns and settings are here for you in the new locations and work as before.
The only thing is we will need you to setup a new facebook app to allow it to work with the changes we made.

Please view the tutorial video on your dashboard for instructions how
Don't worry it will only take you a couple of minutes then you can start using fan marketer again!

Any problems just let us know and we will be happy to help.

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